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Essentially a wrapper for tidyr::pivot_longer that works on both a single widemeasures as well as a list of widemeasures


  data_cols = NA,
  id_cols = NA,
  names_to = "Well",
  values_to = "Measurements",
  values_to_numeric = TRUE,



A single widemeasures data.frame, or a list of widemeasures data.frame's

data_cols, id_cols

Specifies which columns have data vs are ID's (in tidyr::pivot_longer parlance). Each can be a single vector (which will be applied for all widemeasures) or a list of vectors, with each vector corresponding to the same-index widemeasure in widemeasures

Entries that are NA in the list will not be used

If neither data_cols nor id_cols are specified, user must provide arguments to tidyr::pivot_longer via ... for at least the cols argument and these arguments provided via ... will be used for all widemeasures data.frame's

names_to, values_to

Specifies the output column names created by tidyr::pivot_longer. Each can be provided as vectors the same length as widemeasures Note that if neither data_cols nor id_cols


logical indicating whether values will be coerced to numeric. See below for when this may be overridden by arguments passed in ...


Other functions to be passed to tidyr::pivot_longer Note that including values_transform here will override the behavior of values_to_numeric


Pivoted longer data.frame (if widemeasures is a single data.frame) or list of pivoted longer data.frame's (if widemeasures is a list of data.frame's)